The Michigan State University Residence Halls Association sponsors many different initiatives throughout the year. We offer many services to those who live-on campus to enhance their experience and create lasting memories. Below is a list of services we offer.



One of RHA's main roles is to prioritize the health, wellness, and safety of MSU students, specifically on-campus MSU students. We accomplish this through advocacy, campus-wide partnerships, events and initiatives, and university representation.



MSUTV is an RHA-funded TV channel that features student content such as student films, talk shows, and shorts! Any MSU student is able to submit any type of content whether it be 10-seconds long or an hour-long film. Students can be eligible to receive funding from RHA to produce and create content. MSUTV channel is able to be viewed on channel 18.1.



The Campus Center Cinemas work to transform your lecture halls into movie theaters every weekend during fall and spring semesters. Campus Center brings recently-released movies to the big screen, sometimes before they're even available on DVD or for streaming.

RHA funds free On-Demand movies and TV shows. These are provided free of charge to students with a connection to the MSUNet wireless or MSU VPN services. Most movies and TV shows arrive even before other content providers have access (Netflix, HBO GO, etc.).



RHA recognizes the importance of equipping residence hall leaders at Michigan State University with opportunities and resources to best serve our campus community.