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About RHA Finances

Purpose: The main function of the RHA Business Office is to collect fund requisition forms and provide assistance and support for RHA constituents as well as information about RHA finances. The RHA Finance Team consists of the Chief Financial Officer, Director of Treasurers and Allocations, and office staff. The RHA Business Office is located in G-10 Holden Hall and is managed by the RHA Business Manager and the RHA office staff.

RHA Funding: The Residence Halls Association receives a $25.00/semester tax from each student living on campus. $19.00 of the tax stays with the RHA general account to provide campus-wide services, events, and programming. The additional $6.00 is allocated as: $4.50 for Hall Governments and $0.75 for each of the caucuses. Within the Residence Halls Association, we pride ourselves on being ethical. A large amount of money is entrusted to leaders within the hall governments and caucuses, and with that comes a large responsibility to make sure that student taxpayers’ money is being used with the utmost integrity and effectiveness.

To submit a funding request, please click here

For more information regarding funding, please visit the RHA 51st Session D2L page or contact RHA’s CFO ( or DTA (


Training Materials

All general assembly members should be able to find and access training materials on our D2L page. If you are an RHA representative and cannot access our training documents via D2L, please let a member of our executive board know and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


RHA Procedural Manual

A copy of the RHA Procedural Manual is available right here!


RHA Tax Refund

Within the first ten days of each semester, every tax-paying Resident of Michigan State University has the right to request the return of the tax. Below are procedures for receiving a refund.

  • The MSU Registrar's Office will mail out RHA Tax Refund Checks during regular business office hours once the Refund Request has is processed.  
  • The following procedure shall be employed when issuing refunds: 
    1. The resident shall fill out the Refund Request Form.
    2. RHA shall verify that the resident has paid the RHA tax.
    3. The resident shall be informed as to what privileges will be lost by obtaining a refund. 
    4. At the end of the refund period, the DTA shall send a list of students receiving refunds to the RHA Business Manager to request the Student Services Fiscal Officer to approve and initiate a credit on the student's MSU account. 
    5. After approval of the refunds, the DTA shall notify each hall government of the names of the students receiving a refund. 


Steps to receiving a refund are listed below:

  1. Fill out the Refund Request Form found here
  2. Email the Completed Refund Form to the RHA Business Manager,


If you have any questions, please reach out to the RHA Chief Financial Officer,, or the RHA Business Manager,


Business Office Hours


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Location and Contact Information

Chief Financial Officer:

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Holden Hall – 234 Wilson Road
Room G-10
East Lansing, MI 48825

(517) - 355 - 8285