CATA Bus Statement

February 15, 2022

A letter to the Spartan Community from the 52nd Session RHA Executive Board is shown below. Click for the official copy.


Dear Michigan State University Students,

On January 26, 2022, CATA announced that the bus system that runs through Michigan State’s campus has chosen to extend its service reductions until as late as March 6th. RHA recognizes how disappointing and stressful this is on the many students on, and off-campus that rely heavily on the CATA bus system to get them to and from class. As well as those who rely on the CATA bus system to get them to places in the greater East Lansing and the Lansing areas.

RHA recognizes and is doing everything that they can to hold CATA accountable for the actions that they are taking against students. RHA wants everyone to know that their feelings are validated about this situation. Making students walk to class in these conditions poses an accessibility issue to students across our Spartan community. We are working with MSU and East Lansing Police Department to ensure that the stressors that come with this situation are relieved as best as possible. RHA is also a part of the All University Traffic and Transportation Committee (AUTTC) and is working with them on resolving this issue as well.

While we are working diligently to help resolve this issue here is some important information regarding the CATA bus situation. Last week, MSU announced their first initial plan for resolving this issue. This plan was to allow free parking for students in pay-by-plate areas until March 13th. For more information which lots have complimentary parking please visit the MSU Police Website.

MSU Police Website:

Another thing to note is CATA’s real-time departure data on the Transit app, CATANow, and their website is unreliable while their service reductions are still in place. CATA has announced that their Transit app will be working by Monday, February 7th and will reflect more accurate departure information.

While we are working on this issue, students must remember to give themselves enough time to get to their classes. Also, students should consider wearing the appropriate clothing for these cold temperatures. While RHA recognizes that this is a tough time for students for many reasons, please know that we are doing everything that we can to help resolve this issue.