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Campus Center Cinemas

The Campus Center Cinemas work to transform your lecture halls into movie theaters every weekend during fall and spring semesters.

Campus Center brings recently-released movies to the big screen, sometimes before they're even available on DVD or for streaming.


Movies On-Demand

If you're a student on-campus, many new movies are also available through RHA On-Demand

Movie Schedule


For more information on Annihilation click here


  • Wilson Auditorium - Thursday, April 26th @ 8:30PM
  • B115 Wells Hall - Thursday, April 26th @ 9:00PM
  • B115 Wells Hall - Friday, April 27th @ 7:15PM & 9:15PM
  • B115 Wells Hall - Saturday, April 28th @ 7:15PM & 9:15PM

12 Strong

For more information on 12 Strong click here


  • B119 Wells Hall - Thursday, April 26th @ 8:45PM
  • B119 Wells Hall - Friday, April 27th @ 7:00PM & 9:15PM
  • B119 Wells Hall - Saturday, April 28th @ 7:00PM & 9:15PM


Campus Center Cinemas provides film screenings free of charge for everyone! Photo IDs must be shown in order to be admitted.

Full Schedules: